Where is Happiness?

I read all day long of


and pain

and longing

and fear

and anxiety.

But what of the happiness?

The way the sun beams onto pale faces after a rainy day?

The way a laugh brightens an entire room and sends shivers down spines?

What of the breeze that picks up your hair and carries your mind to far off places?

Or your special someone's eyes kissing your soul without a word?

Why don't we all reflect

on the smaller things in life.

The ones we all forget when we're just passing by.

Don't just stop to smell the roses.

Smell the daisies,

the orchids,

the tulips,

and the marigolds.

Admire the clouds and make shapes in your head.

Close your eyes and listen to your heart beat in time with the rustle of the trees.

If you'd allow yourself some time to reflect,

maybe the bad things wouldn't always be so bad.


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