Where the Dragons Roam

Where the dragons roamed, 

Was a wonderful place, 

Where the grass blowed, 

On a silent meadow. 

The river glided silently, 

And crystal clear its waters would be, 

Its surface barely touched. 

The superior mountains towered, 

Over the dark, emerald green trees, 

That moved through the songs of wind. 

The birds would sing their beautiful melodies, 

And the crickets whispered their lullabies, 

Under full moonlight winds. 

But above the beauty, 

In the mountain tops of snow, 

Dragons were making masterpieces. 

They used their fire to melt the snow, 

To make grand waterfalls, 

And to make a beam of life in the forest below. 

They warmed the summer skys, 

Creating blankets of clouds, 

For some coolness from the heat. 

The dragons were the supporters of the valley, 

Practically the Guardians of it. 

But when there are creators, 

There are destroyers. 

Humans; unaware of the dragons and the wildlife, 

Chopped the foundations the dragons created down, 

And blocked the strong river of life. 

They killed the animals in the forest, 

Burned out the fresh air, 

And began to build cities.  

The forest began to disappear, 

Little by little, 

And the dragons had to hide. 

The forest began to completely die, 

An urban landscape had taken its place, 

The mountains were the only place the dragons could be. 

The dragons realizing, 

“We have to fight, 

“To protect our right, 

“On what used to be our valley!” 

And so a war began, 

Beast verses man, 

Life and death. 

The humans were too advanced, 

With machines of copper and silver, 

With sharp strong edges, 

To put a end to the dragons. 

Every day the dragons lost many, 

The humans lost their soldiers too, 

But the dragons were almost gone. 

The dragons, 

In smaller colonies than ever, 

Began to leave. 

They had lost before they had even begun, 

Once the humans had come. 

The humans didn’t want this to happen again, 

And they hunted almost every single dragon. 

But a small glimmer of hope, 

Shined through the dark. 

The dragons left behind one egg, 

One egg to bring back the others, 

One egg to grow another valley. 

One egg, 

To make the chain, 

Happen again 



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