Where do I belong?

Where do I belong?

This is how you are considered beautiful. Have a big bottom. Have big breasts. Have the perfect nose. Have beautiful eyes. Have the perfect skin color. What's the perfect skin color and the perfect body? Don't interrupt. Why are you skinny? You are too skinny. You look Anorexic. But I do eat. You are too short. I'm still growing. Don't talk back. Don't look anyone in the eyes. Sit up straight. Don't be too talkative. Don't be quiet, that's rude. Dont wear clothes that show skin. Do you want to look like a whore? This is how you should dress. Wear clothes that cover up everything. Don't have any guy friends, you're a girl. Do you know what they want to do with you? But I've known them for such a long time. Don't you talk back. This is how a woman should act. This is how a christian should act. You can't be depressed, or you belong to satin. This is how not to go to hell. This is how all people should be treated. This is how you follow the laws. This is how we treat people of your race. This is how you should treat people of our race. Everyone has free rights in this country. Wait, who are you, and why are you that color? Im hispanic. Why are you even here? Pardon me, I was raised here. This is not where non-citizens belong. You are an immigrant. You are dangerous. You steal our jobs. My skin color isn't a crime. Pay attention. Your race is lazy. You can't go to college. Pero.. Don't speak Spanish, only English. You don't belong here. But… Pay attention child. Get your shit together. Make sure you know how to pledge allegiance. This is how to fit in. Although, you never will. After all, you are too Mexican for this country.

This is how women from here should act. You are a woman who belongs in the kitchen. Make sure you know how to cook. Make sure you know how to clean. Make sure you know how to do laundry. This is how you set the table. This is how you should wash these dishes. This is where you put the dishes to dry. Women shouldn't go to school, they have chores to do at home. But what about my dream? It's Yes Sir and Yes Ma´am for you. ugh … YES MA´AM YES SIR. This is how you treat your future husband. This is how to please your husband. This is how you treat your father. This is how you plant at the fields. This is how you ride a donkey. This is how you fetch the eggs from the chickens. This is how you go down to the river to gather water for your family. I thought I belonged in the kitchen. Don't be an idiot. Don't have any guy friends or you'll be considered a slut. You can't speak English here. This is how to pledge our flag, you probably don't even know how to do that. Gringa. But this is my home country. I was born here. You don't belong here. Why are you even here? Go back from where you came from. But this… Don't be disrespectful, no one will want a disrespectful child. That's probably why your father left. Not even HE wanted you. You don't belong here, we are not your home. Afterall, You are too American for this country.

Mija, being Mexican-American is hard. We gotta prove to Mexicans how Mexican we are. And prove to the Americans how American we are. We have to be more Mexican than the Mexicans and more American than the Americans, All at the same time. 

But momma. If they claim I'm ¨too Mexican¨  for the U.S. and ¨too American for Mexico. Then where do I belong?



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Our world


Jen Thilman

Thank you, Maria

This is a beautiful poem. It encompasses the world of all women and the sterotypes against us. I felt honored to read it.

With Love, Jen 


Thank you so much! It means a lot to me, God bless you!

Paula G

Reading this made me cry and I am deeply sorry if you are expeiriencing the things you said right now but just know that this is a beautiful poem and continue to write becuase you can change many young girls lifes like me. 


I APPRECIATE YOUR KIND WORDS! God bless you deeply!


This makes me feel like female get judge so much so they don't know what to do without feeling free.


That is straight facts! Woman get judged for the smallest things. We should encourage and uplift eachother rather than doing the opposite.


Your words are so very kind! I appreciate you so much, and im so honored and glad you loved it! And yesss!! I wanted this poem to express and show people how difficult it is to be in between the borders. "to live in the borderlands" is exactly what I wanted to express! Thank you so much! 


I really enjoyed reading this poem. I'm sorry that our world is so messed up that females dont get good treatment espicially when we do most of the work. You're stong and this poem has inspired me alot on what I should write as my own poem for a project that I have to do for my class. You hit everything roght on the nail and I hope i get to read more of your poems in the future.



Thank you so much! Your words mean so much to me, I hope the school project goes well! Blessings, and again, thank you!


PFB the Pontificant

You so willingly and freely sharing your perspective with all of us is a gift of knowledge. Now may I be more considerate, passionate, and accepting to those I don't know or understand because of you. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable

Much respect


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