Where Did the Time Go?

Where did the time go?

The time when life was simple.

The time when time moved slow.

The time when life was stress free.

The time I no longer know.


The time when we respected others' rights.

The time when we talked, not engaged in fights.

The time when we didn't target the innocent.

The time when the bad ones were actually sent to prison.


The time when we were blind to ethnicity, race and color.

The time when we loved and embraced each other.

The time when we wished all "The American Dream" and prosperity.

The time when we saved immigrants seeking sanctuary, not trying to throw them back across the sea.


The time we once strived for, but now no longer know.

Who knew 365 days could be a time so long ago?

Let's take a stand and go back to that more peaceful time.

So we'll never have to ask again, "Where did the time go?"






This poem is about: 
My country


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