Where is Brother, Is that Brother

Sorrow sorrow brother is dead
Cremated into ashes put in a jar the new child tot tot topples it over
What to do what can be done
Scramble to scoop brother back into his home
Some ashes are missed
Licked up by the cat
Sucked through the vacuum
Mistaken for dirt thrown in the trash
Where is brother

Brother is in the trash bag in the dump in the earth
Earth he is earth who is he
But a holder of seeds and a tree grows
Is that brother
An apple is picked
Is that brother

A hand brings apple to mouth
Unaware of its home for the worm
A disease it is dropped into stream
And rot rotting the core is now water to drink
And evaporate 
Then come down as rain
Rain to dance in
Where is brother
Is that brother


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