Where the Beauty Lies

Warm salty tears rolled off of my cheek and melted,

The colors were blurred as my vision was hazed,

The cold hard floor sent chills through my back,

All was stuck in the glow of pain,

Through sadness and fear, my heart pounded,

Eager for change,


Why can't I feel good being me,

Why can't I look good being me,

Hard words bruised my head,

I wanted to look different,

The beauty lied everywhere but me,

Or so I thought


E N G R A V E D  in my mind for years,

I felt a pain to look like me,

Wished that I could be,

One with harmony,

With myself and all the love,

That it would ever need,


I cried and cried and cried,

Till all my pain had died,

Down to a numb feeling,

Realizing that I had lied,

To myself,


Where the Beauty Lies,

Is where one decides,

Deep within our hearts,

And what we see with our own eyes,


Looking into the mirror,

I smiled,

For I realized I had nothing to hide,

It was all in my head then,

Cause I did not know where the beauty lied






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