Where art my lover, Sleep?


United States
40° 7' 52.9752" N, 75° 8' 13.29" W

Where art my lover, Sleep?

Hath she abandoned me for another’s bed?

Whilst I lay here cold and alone

Longing for her warm embrace?

For no other can fill her place beside me

None such mere a person

Can bring the joy and fear

That my dearest love

Doth fill me with whilst we lay at night

The unspoken desires of my mind

Unravel in the darkened hours

Upon which she weaves her web

And the fears which haunt me

Ferment into a fruitful bloom

Upon which envelope me in a cold sweat

That racks my body with a tremulous terror

Yet how can I escape my one so dear

The one that holds me close at night

As she whispers things of fantasy

And drags me into their reality

I pray that she returneth soon

For her absence leaves me restless

Seeking out my loving dear

So that she'd might whisper by my ear, once more


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