Where are you Government?

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 19:08 -- AmberM



You the government shut down letting America fall through the cracks of the flag.

Even those who wear name brand tags where in fear.

Do we dare fear what the world of the U.S. brings?

Packing bags waiting for the Canadian border to be ready to let us in

Us middle class staying here to defined our honor

Where shall we stay where shall we take our money to keep

Farming becomes something that doesn’t leave us with ease.

Government shut down looking like jerks.

While Miley cyris is making the news, by her twerk?

Is that all we worry about.

Children starving, students striving in education to look and see no future.

How dare you come and take away what the students need.

 A challenge today is debt tomorrow. College costing more everyday

No encouragement for those to enhance our knowledge this economy is falling. While china is skyrocketing with child labor and human trafficking

 But American government shuts down showing other countries there in command end of the world in this government’s hand.


No one wants to say they are an Obama fan.

No one wants to have children,

 Having to defend them from this world’s economy.

 Leaving those who want to survive to sell cocaine,

Dealing drugs seems to be the only way.

People finding cheap ways while the drug crocodile eats away at their face

 But at least they can survive. No one knows, does any one care.


Children coming in the school with bruises from what they couldn’t stop

 But no child left behind doesn’t let it be someone else problem.

If they fail they haven’t learned that’s what they need taught.

 No child left behind is the value that teaches the kid

They can give up and still make it.

This is bullshit. The world is bigger than just school. Help them grow

Don’t be the one to pretend you don’t know


Cutting peoples pay how are they suppose to feed their children,

Handing them off as free pamphlets, child trafficking.

 Where is the economy? We have no money, why don’t we start learn to invest

But no just shut down saying you need rest.

Stand up for us. There is US in the USA.

Why is the government being selfish?

We are not perfect but you have to learn pay for your mistakes.

 Pick up from where life can’t hold you back.


Us Americans are starving striving to become great stay a float

While the governments are partying on there big boats,

Upper class is going to clash when there is no money to play

Learning to live like the rest of us, having to work the system to find money.

Cant cash W.I.C checks cant help but save it until starvation mode.

This is one way to life

 This is some codes to make such money flow.

Have to be Working while in school can’t go without the money.

Gas prices making walking 100 miles seem short but barefoot is the only way

Cause shoes aren’t at price level.


Who shall we blame?

 I can say I will strive to give back and look off my track to stop those who fell.

 But our military not getting paid they are saving all of us. Where is our dignity defending those who have more pain than us on this world know

 Be an American support those who cant.

Don’t let your USA go insane, don’t be the one to blame.

 Be the one to make a change.

This economy is falling but you can be the one who is making gods calling.

Be the one who makes the news, giving back this isn’t hard

Don’t act, as what I am saying is shocking.

I aint locking the door I got room to spare homeless are welcome.

Don’t let the government take away your pride. Strive to make life a smooth drive. We need to work together as bees do in s hive.

Get a buzz of helping not drugs

Which never give back just haunting you in life.

Stand above what you struggle from.

Set that example be the trophy on the mantel

Be your own hero.

The government is struggling

Us Americans need to stand together to hold what we know to stay forever.


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