Where all my love went


Once I loved you
Until I had to turn my head
To all the things you did and said.

I once loved me
But then you died
And even though I knew you would
But to this day:
I wish it was me.

I loved her once.
She left me for you.
So like the cheese, I was alone.

My mom loves me
But she has more kids
And less time for me
But I think I'll live.

He loved me
So much I cried
Because when I made friends
He would take until,
So I went away.

I Want to love me
But I hurt too much
And every time I get on my feet
Something I do brings me down.
So I am too broken.

Once I wanted you to love me.
I asked for your heart.
Instead you left.

I do love me!
Not because of you, her or them!
I love me ....
my broken brought me brains
And all of the things
That kept me from loving any of you.
Too bad all my time has been spent.


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