When's It Going to Stop?


A car explodes on the hot, dusty streets.

5 people die.

A shooter opens fire into a crowd.

9 people die.

A suicide bomber takes out a bus.

13 people die.

An airplane crashes into a building.

138 people die.


When’s it going to stop?

When’s it going to end?


Silence, at last.

But this silence is dangerous.

Both sides rabid for retribution, for revenge; neither willing to offer forgiveness.

The families are left only with their grief as the bloodlust consumes the world around them,

Taking everything, even their precious, innocent children.

They continue the fight; more loss, more bloodshed, more grief.

But it just goes on.

After all, who fights for them?

Who stands up for them?

Who speaks out for them?


No one, no one, but themselves.


When’s it going to stop?

When’s it going to end?




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