From Whence Cometh True Sweetness?

Thu, 08/17/2017 - 18:26 -- HagerB

True sweetness is often hidden in simplicity.

The rose that comes forth from a simple seed.

Simplicity lies in purity.

And because purity is not restricted to virginity

Nor to femininity.

It can be quite challenging to find.

Purity is in the heart, the body,

The soul and the mind.

But purity must not only to these be confined.

From forth it radiates its simplicity and sweetness.

And pierces through the darkness

With keen and eager senses.

It inspires and evolves into something extraordinary.

True sweetness is temporary.

Like the rose that perishes away.

But with its seeds, lives on to see another day.

Sweetness, simplicity, and purity commence in you and me.

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Our world


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