when your voice cracks, know I am listening

I was born with a ribcage like skipping stones, every heartbeat a prayer trying to jump out of my chest but then petering off into a ripple effect 

I want people to care 
I want my words to be an echo of each song I couldn't sing when my lungs had capsized and the light wouldn't reflect off of my eyes
she sees the veins in my  wrists and gasps as though I were a ghost, as though she's shocked to find out that I am alive.
I've spent four years trying to nourish this body, trying to convince myself that it was okay to take a step forward if that step meant I had to put shoes on these feet so the heels wouldn't callous and burn
I AM alive
I am used to hearing the rain and staying indoors.
the trees whistle and crack, each branch an oar and I'm scared to swim, too scared to even press my feet against the soft current
but you push me and I swear I can feel the salt fill my pores 
every day of the month is a song and I am the chorus 
feel the words on your tongue and know that there will never be a taste so sweet 
this it, this is here, this is everything 
this is awesome
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