When you were taken

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 22:37 -- MiBell


When you were taken, your screams echoed in my head.
I savoured your finger tips.
Only your warm aura was left in our bed.
I labor, remembering your lips.
I assure you that we will have us back.
I'm coming for you, body and soul.
That is what Satan lacks.
I'll be there, but do not let him fill your hole.
You; I see you.
Your eyes wipe my tears away.
I'm here grab my hand, I'am true.
In flight you lay.
Why are you running?
Please! do not let it be what I feared.
Here take my hand.
Distant from me you are and were becoming.
You cannot remember as I see us stand.
You stare at me, but see only he.
Because for him you fell.
He was no harm, only broken, alone and you with him, became we.
And a seed was watered in you, but it went dry with your hate in which you dwell.
I beg you to come back; please, please come back to us for our need!
But your eyes see only the dead.
"If you come back, then with my own two hands I will bury him, and the seed."
you hide your head.
I could see your soul before.
My emotions would fall with yours.
Now it's shattered and lore.
But the true pain comes not from  
you and him, and not from the seed, but from not being in the same mind as you.
Now I open Hell's door and fall to its core.


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