When You Listened

I’m not so sure when it happened, you see

But I sure sensed it when I let my thoughts free

And you began to listen, your eyes glued to me

Though small, it filled me to the brim with glee


Later it tortured me, I had a mental fight

Unsure which feelings I had kept were right

My heart was taking a joyous flight

While my mind regaled me of the tale of love’s blight


We kept on like this, or at least we did

Until my feelings suddenly lost their lid

With a deep breath I answered your bid

You asked if I liked you and I said I did


And thus we began, two awkward geeks

And like this we continued for the passing weeks

Throughout the school the news quickly leaks

But we ignore all they’re childish “eek”s


We’d talk and chat and babble till nightfall

Sparking conversation from nothing at all

We’d text back and forth with the occasional call

This was enough to leave me smiling down the hall


I talked, you listened, then we’d reverse

Speaking of a personal gain or curse

You speaking of things so annoying they’d send you to a hearse

And me explaining why I’d never carry a purse


Each of us has seen the other in their worst time

And even though I’d go silent as a mime

You’d talk with me and on the flip of a dime

My emotions leapt from sour to sublime


You know what I like, and I know you just as well

I know what you turn your nose up to and what gets you to sell

To all things history I’d listen as you tell

But one mention of algebra and you’d think of hell


The times we were together I became a different me

A me I highly doubted I’d ever live to see

It was a me I had yearned forever to be

The me that was okay with letting her feelings be free


Every time you said “I love you” it made me smile

Not for the words but for the memories they’d rile

For this my heart would soar a mile

But this sort of rush I could easily reconcile


Because you love me, I have a new confidence

A state of me that before I had yet to sense

No more would I enter the room feeling tense

For my insecurity shrunk to miniscule from immense


What should “Because I love you” mean, one might ask

And to answer this question is a simple task

Just simply rack your mind as you proudly bask

In the ideal that acts of love should never need a mask


Love shouldn’t serve as the mask any more than it should need one

If being in your lover’s presence isn’t fun

You should reevaluate your relationship a ton

The amount of times they check your phone should be none


If love needs no mask then don’t make it hide

Spending time with your friends isn’t something to chide

Let your lover know that if they’re truly in for the ride

They wouldn’t first assume that you’ve cheated or lied


Advice to all in relationships now,

If you dare to love, then you simply must know how

Your lover shouldn’t make you want to furrow your brow

If the love isn’t real, don’t make it something you allow


The times we were together I was a different me

A me I highly doubted I’d ever live to see

And all because you listened to me

That one fateful day when I let my thoughts free



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