When the world goes blind


United States
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When the world goes blind,
It will only be love that we find.
Everyone will look the same.
We will no longer play a vision game.

Ah, but our ears; our ears are still there.
We will now judge by what we hear.
So let us all close our ears to sound
When we are deaf we will be found.

Now faint odors become potent with time
Smelling bad is a serious crime.
So let us close off just one more sense
Maybe then we won’t be so tense.

We can no longer see, or hear or smell,
Now touch can make your life a hell.
So let’s take that away, no big deal.
Things are starting to seem so real.

Scrambling for a way to discriminate
We use taste to form a new hate.
But that can’t go on any longer.
If it’s taken away we will be stronger.

Left we nothing, we are all the same.
We all have the ability to reach fame.
Maybe we will forget how to hate
Then people can marry a same sex mate

But as long as our senses remain
People will be good at causing us pain
So stand up for your rights
Because inequality seriously bites


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for sharing your thoughts

very emphatic with your ideas

keep writing 

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