When words flow....


When words flow..

Something happens that no other experience can compare too

My heart quickens,

 each and every beat trying to catch the cadence of the sounds leaving my mouth

My eyes close in anticipation,

 of the creation,

 that my mind gives and my soul rejoices in

When words flow…

Life that was just images in my mind are birthed and new beings,


 each destined to be unique

When words flow….

They take on their own destinies,

 some seeking to empower, some to encourage, some to induce laugher, and others to release anguish

When words flow …

They can join together and become this one power or stand alone and still have the strength of 1000

When word flow…

People smile, they cry, they relive a moment, or relate to one they’ve never experience.

When words flow life is different now and never can be the same.

Why do I write poetry?

Because poetry is life and life is poetry.

Because when my words flow life is generated, when I hear poetry, life is inspiration, and when I live life poetry is created.


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