"When will they relize?"

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    Their noses are higher than their IQ's

they step on sweet innocents as if they roses.

        When will they relize?

     We fumble around as if we've been shotten ,

but in reality we are all just rotten.

     I want freedom! I want to be unleashed from my dumbness .

     I want the ability to scream as if i am a beam of selflessnesswrapped in the assurance

    that i am capable to not care about the hearers of my own peers.

        When will we relize?

     That eyes that watch nonsense action with a captivated reaction are guilty

as the ones pained in tight chains, and act as if its perfectly humane

   I refuse to sit like a lil knit , I want to be as a pitch fork to a mob As the

tears to a newborns sobs,

   the beauty of newness raging on

instead of old water in a dirty pond.I am a ocean you cant tame like a fire is its flame ,

    but yet my voise is to me as walkin is to the lame!

                      When will i Relize...?

    When the voices stop and the blood has been shed like a lamb he was led

and i refuse to stay stagnet as we face this victorious loss.

       As my reedemer was nailed to the old rugged cross .

I received freedom not only from my dumness

  ,along with that gained holy humbless .

     Because one day as i walked into a bathroom stall my emotions began to fall the fact that im not the all

and he is made me feel oh so small.

    He is the reason i face the chaotic seasons I live to serve him.

    When my words,knowledge and flesh fade its great to know i have already been paid.

I am a treasure in his eyes yet i woll never understand the complexity of our worth

    But i know he did and he sent his son to die on this cruel blood thirsty earth.and face all the same shame I have.

I am but words,soul,and flesh if we dont make a change in ouselves

        we are enslain in our own pain .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     







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My community
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