When will they learn?


When will they learn?

When book lessons are abolished?

When the sun is covered on the solstice?

Motivation is love and understanding

A worksheet is our uniqueness fluttering.

Away and Away.

You were once like I 

Foolish and human like I.

Do you not remember what inspired you?

Why not change the way it is thought and start new?

Pride and stubborness control everything that you do .

Like a child with their feelings hurt

Like a teenager refusing they flirt.

Please be children, teenagers

Please be our motivators.

Take away that worksheet and talk to us

Take away the stress, take away their cause

Show us equations and civilizations

Because showing is information

Information sparks motivation.

Sparks Knowledge

Will helps us get to college.

When will you learn?






Thinking what was on my mind was what was the greatest thing about this poem, it reminded me of my goal of becoming a teacher, my goal to motivate students and change their outlook on school and life. I was never the most behaved and the best in academics and I suffered because of it,not being motivated to do my best has me struggling these last 2 years of high school getting the best grades I can so i can make it into a college that best shows my intellect and not my mistakes. I want to motivate and change students that were like me, struggling to achieve that extra help to become all they can be. My name is Jon, and that's my goal.

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