When Will They Learn?


Knowledge is not forced,

therefore education isn't just a given 

It's a process,

but some of you don't understand 

that just because we write it down,

does not mean it's engraved 

in our minds 

And when you stick us 

into a dark room and 

lullaby us to sleep with your

monotoned "lecture", 

it really doesn't help 

Especially, when we have to endure 7 hours 

of sitting in an uncomfortable wooden desk 

with information just being thrown at us 

Well, i'm tired of all the apathy 

I want them to be engaged

with the subjects they teach, 

that way, we all can be interested 

and actually learn something 

instead of complaining about our pile of work 

that stacks up higher than the atmosphere 

Because learning isn't a memory game 

Learning is gaining knowledge you didn't think possible

It's not a definite answer, but many answers 

And once they realize this, 

education will make a great leap




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