When will it end


United States
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The story of my life, ripped from its pages, from birth, growth and middle age stages
The pain, yes it burns, but God's voice is reassuring, makes me feel that
my life is worth enduring.
Ice on my skin
Flames in my heart, yet all I get is a laugh and slick remark
when will it end?

Thorns in my soul, bricks breaking bones and flesh, you holding the weapon while calling me a mess.
My brain like a war, raging from the core, tell me you know me, when you've never seen me before.
when will it end?

I feel like I'm going insane, while you pity and judge and look down with disdain.
You see life on a throne, all you have you think you own, let's see what happens when
that wealth turns to stone

Money can't love and doesn't have a soul, you have to paint your face to have one, yet I'm the troll
when will it end?

You escape the world with your pompous stride, feet made out of clouds, alluded with pride

Everything learned you seem to already know, so i suppose i have to learn my lessons alone

To know the difference to be a friend and a sin, a brother and a lover, deception and appreciation, to know there is a line between acting out of spite and doing whats right.
when will it end?

Love, sweet and sour, deceiving with honor, can only be told by the day and the hour, pleasant when readily obtained, but unprepared, dire.

I choose to accept, you choose to undermine, laughing in you 5 star suits while I struggle to survive.

I deny you rejection, you deny me acception
when will it end?

Words like poison chemical and vile, trying to fit in when I've already been exiled.
Social status a stranger to my name, people on the street wear a mask that somehow looks the same, pushing whats down further to the ground as if being dirt was above being drowned
as if silence was a disturbing sound, in this chaotic allusion of being lost and being found.

You say you respect me, yet by choice you neglect me, call me a reject, trust me, I'll forgive but I'll never forget it.

You choose to underestimate, try and intimidate, for being so meek and small, but there's something to be said about the the gnat on the fly on the wall, that sits and says noting, but see's all

I just happen to be human.


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