When Trees Dance, and Birds Chorus

When trees begin to dance, swaying in rhythm with wind

And birds together in chorus, requiem for the loss: 

The loss of sadness and silence; a song of joyfulness,

I am with her, so nature echoes: all is right


The leaves clap in jubilance, branches wave to say:

“You are where you are, a new world filled with happiness,”

I glance with hope, she returns it gleefully as time pauses

Lost in a connection made by two sets of eyes, all is right


The birds fly to catch one look, gossiping amongst them,

I am no longer empty, winter has faded to spring with a touch

The woods in whole cheer, as we blaze a path as our future,

The sun brightens with a smile, all is right with the world

This poem is about: 
Our world
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Caleb Guice

The world can seem like a dark place. That's why, when we find love, it finally feels like everything is right with the world, and the earth sings in jubilance at our own joy. Yes, everything truly is awesome.

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