when strangers cross paths

when strangers cross paths ~
it hurts when the one person you thought wouldn't judge you
that he'd listen to you that he wouldn't lie to you
, that he wouldn't hurt you that he'd be there for you
.when all you want is eye contact
but every time we look at each other burns flames of fury,
flames lit by lies and the truth lye's within the flames ...
but which of us will extinguish the fire to discover the relieving truth
so then i look into your eyes only to find that you care
but to care you have to listen
but you've shut off your ears with your back towards me and i'm trying to face you but
then you walk away leaving me there in the silence once filled with echoes of laughter
heart in my hands ready for you to receive it but see
that love once there fades into a slim existence
from strangers to friends to lovers back to strangers ,
strangers that once hugged that once kissed that once cared that loved strangers
that thought fate was reason and together is where life would end
but apart is close together as they get back to love
loving  from a distance... never to love again never to care never to kiss never to hug
just memories  that were once so clear now blurred
when strangers cross paths~
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