When no one was listening

While i sat alone at the lunch table

while i was picked last for everything

while my peers snickered and pointed

My notebook and pen was always there

When no one wanted to be my friend

when no one saw me as a human

when no one came to my defense

when no one was listening

The paper i wrote my feelings, thoughts, emotions and dreams on

came to my rescue 

Call it an escape 

Call me a mistake

But when i wrote my mind went on a vacation

no more bullies or name calling

Just the sound of my pen writing 

words pour out of me and it's relief

It's the weight off my tiny shoulders as it all leaves

I didn't find poetry, poetry found me

and now i see 

that even though no one would listen

I came to terms with what i was missing 


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This is amazing its pretty much the same reason why I started writing!!!!!!!!!!!

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