When Mice Become Men

If you give a mouse a cookie

He's going to ask you for a glass of milk

Ironic isn't it?

That you do the right thing out of kindness


Yet he continues to take more than you bargained for

And suddenly your stake is a lot bigger

Soon he takes everything from you

Everything you thought you could control


Because maybe

The mouse is a man

The cookie is a gun

And the milk is the ammunition


You offer the man an education

A safe place

And suddenly his name is all over the news

His blood on your hands


If you give a man a gun

He's going to ask for bullets

That seems more appropriate

Given the context


That the author of the book isn't Laura Numeroff

But our education system

Our news channels

Our so-called activists


Who plaster the names of the shooters like they're royalty amongst pigs

Ignoring that they were always the pigs

And the real Princes and Princesses don't feel safe enough

To come out of their castles


Their front doors baracaded

Locked and sealed

Marked for demolition

When they are deserving of a remodel


That is to say that we give our thoughts and prayers

Emphasis on prayers

But not enough thought

Not enough thought to the victims of the man and the mouse


Not enough thought to the kids taken by milk and cookies

By guns and bullets

So maybe guns don't kill people

People do


But when you give a person the tools to build a shed

Or destroy it

Then tell them not to pick up a hammer

What do you expect to happen?


Tell me the names of the heroes of Sandy Hook



Santa Fe


You can't

Can you? 

But you remember names



Nicholas Cruz

Adam Lanza

Eric Harris and

Dylan Klebold


You remember the names of the politicians who pledged to fight

But never did

The names of false promises

False hope


But never the names of the people who needed you most

Whose lives will never be the same

Whose lives you prevent from continuing

Whose lives you cast aside and ignore 


Like pigs among royalty

Like mice among men

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