When it's Raining

Mon, 01/06/2020 - 16:06 -- TearzaV

It's pouring.
the pain is almost unbearable.
it leaves me breathless as the salty bittersweet tears fall,
like raindrops; like a calm storm,
it is full of nothing but hurt.
it keeps me from living.

I look outside to see the gray skies,
filled with thunder and lightning.
the crashing and bright flashes suddenly awaken something.

the drops on my red, hot cheeks drip down my chin.
my heartbeat slows and I can breathe again.
i walk outside without a jacket.
i can feel the cold electricity that seems to run through my veins.
as the rain falls, I hear a voice.

"you need to live, my darling.
you are a warrior, a survivor.
live to inspire,
to grow,
to be.
live because the rain will miss watching you dance with your demons,
how in love you are with them;
how they inspire you to overcome.
live to love them.
live to love yourself."

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