When I'm There


When I am there, I will rain down with victory.
When I am there, you’ll see I was the one.
When I am there, the best will be in my hands.
When I am there, all your hate will escalate.

When I am there, I will laugh last.
When I am there, you’d wish you was here.
When I am there, ohh oh when I am there..
I will rise like no other.

You must not know, that when I am there,
the world will look up on me.
Ha when I tell you, when I am there,
you gone see!

Cause when I am there I will have all
the diamonds you wish you had.
You’ll see, how you and I both want to
be there. And all night we’d just stare.
Dreams we all dared. You stuck here
and me well….


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