When I'm Gone


When I die, my body will become the grass

When I’m gone, there will be a crack on the glass

My spirit will be an overwhelming mass

And my footsteps will cause an earthquake in class

The beautiful day my heart stops beating

The children in Africa will start eating

The mistakes of my past won’t be repeating

And the ink on my paper won’t be deleting

Everyone will remember my beliefs

They will lie next to the loud ocean reefs

Unremovable blood stains on panties and briefs

My story will impact leaders and chiefs

I will be remembered at least once every day

Hearts will be molded with my play-doh clay

My mother and enemies will all pay

But in my soul, my dad will forever stay

I’ll become the grass and I’ll lay down low

Although they’ll step on me, I’ll always grow

Every day will be tender and slow

The moment I die, everyone will know

They’ll remember the trust they had in me

I’ll be saved from the world’s chains, I’ll be free

The evil near my loved ones will forever flee

I will become the grass and the leaves on the tree


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