When I tell you "I love you"

When I fall down you don't fall down with me

but you always help me up

When I'm having a bad day you don't cry next me

but you always stay close, and hug me tight

When I'm up late you don't stay up with me

but you always leave me a cup of hand brewed coffee and a late night snack

When I'm cooking you don't stand and cook besides me

but you always set the table or do the dishes for me

When I wake up you aren't waiting, lying down next to me untill I get up

but you always go to bed with me when I turn off the lights and say good night

When I find something I enjoy you may not like it as much as I do

but you always stay by my side and do it with me


When I tell you "I love you" you don't just say back the 2 words of "me too"

but you always respond to me with the words "I love you more"


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