"When I Loved As Does the Sun"

"When I Loved As Does the Sun"

"I am not what I am,"
once said an honest man.
The Truth was never said more
there is the me,
and there is the eye.
Ride my own as they roll back to see the mind behind the
hardened face.

There was a time when I loved as does the sun;
with many a free embrace, and
ultimate oblivion.
Wanton warmth where sheet-white heartskin sat
turned some relationships flat, burned others black.

But it was still such beautiful love for a while, even if just that of a child.


I am older now. 

I wear my wrongs like scars I wish I could not see
in the mirror and when the carefree me begins to surface I must turn away
for shame and keep him quick at bay before they see I am a child. 
Drown him in a pillow until he falls asleep. 

Because if I ever stop to smell the roses my demons will swallow me. 
But aren't I a demon not to smell the roses?

So this is what I am. I am not the heart-shaped smile or the brow-shaped frown.
I am the lamb of love that's lost yet never begun. 
I am two, have been one. 
But there was a time when I loved as does the sun.

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