When I Look In The Mirror


When I look in the mirror, who do I see?
A beautiful black girl with,
A smooth queenly head, dark and lovely, held high, glimmering with
Pride, and
Innate awesomeness.
A beautiful black girl with,
A sparkle in her rich chocolate eyes, shining with
Compassion, and
A beautiful black girl with
A playful yet knowing smile, etching itself with
Self-expression, and 
A little black bird who
Sings her song,
Struts her stuff, and
Strives for superbness with style,
Who loves her body, loves her skin
In all its shade, shape and size.
I repeat to you,
I don't walk, I strut
I don't run, I fly
I don't sweat, I glisten
I don't only think, I create
I don't only speak, I make known
Well why is that, me?
Just ask Queen Bey,
I woke up brilliant,
I woke up flossing on this black beauty,
I woke up like this.
My diamond? It's my heart,
The most precious thing in the world to me.
My rock? It's my mind,
The thing that keeps me empowered and steady, and
Resistant to negativity.
Flawless black girl,
That’s me I see.
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