When I Fly

Behind the curtain of life I stay,

Wondering how the day will play.

They cannot see the true me,

Scared, alone and someone’s prey.

I smile, laugh pretend to be here.

But I’m lost in the corner of the maze of fear.

Please let me out, and let me be heard,

Don’t lock me away I want to soar like a bird.

I want to speak out and let the world know,

That I’m here, that I’m in control.

But I’m a teenager they will not understand,

They see my hair all colored and blue,

What they cannot see is how my heart is true.

This phase will pass and someday they will see

The true me

The colorful bird with the knowledge to fly

When I transform like the butterfly.

The pain of the days of being scared will pass

And I will find my place at last. 



I want to become a marine biologist/vetinarian so this scholarship would help me to achieve my goals.

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