When I Fell


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When I fell, someone told me I was supposed to be there, I shook my head in disagreement 'cause I knew that wouldn't be fair. Until I fell again, and I wrapped myself in disappointment, I couldn't prove them wrong, I couldn't omit my opponent. Broken down to pieces before they even got to know me, Doubted capabilities started manifesting slowly. Minority written over me, that much I understood, Stay caught up in this labeling? How am I any good? Felt to take a deeper look, I took a glimpse in the mirror, Blocked by the situation, it's not getting any clearer. I told them I just want to be well off , not trying to be rich, Laughing in my face, saying my perception needs to be fixed. I fell... Yes, right there, that's when I fell! Once more and plenty times again, I believed the lie and dared to get back up again! I had to figure out my motive and proclaim what is true, I was told an uncivilized lie that may suffice for you! But for me, I know what lies down in the pits of my soul, I know the power that I have, no one else can bear to hold! So hear me! No more doubt and fear shall ever more consume, Only I can hinder me, not a single word form you! Every aching remark from my past, I have come to accept it, No longer do I have to feel the outcome from being rejected! I'm free! Yes, thank God! Lord, I'm free! Thanks for giving back what was taken away from me! Now look! Overused cliche, "fallen but haven't been defeated," True! In order for success, it has to be repeated. So now I'm far from worried 'bout the future lying raider, I put my faith in God 'cause He's preparing me for greater!


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