when the heart speaks

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 13:31 -- guady12

One day in the middle of the night I heard a voice
I woke up and looked around
But no one was there, I thought it was just a sound
So I went back to sleep
Hoping my dreams would fall in the deep
Then once again I heard a voice
But this time I heard their words more clearly
As I heard their footsteps coming nearly
I couldn’t see the person’s faces so I got scare
So I asked who was there
But they didn’t answer their footsteps kept coming closer and closer
I felt them so close to me so stood up and asked who was there once again
Yet there was no answer ,so I looked around no one was there so my fear started to begin
then from nowhere I heard a voice that said “not to fear”
so I asked “how do you not want me to fear if your voice sounds so near?”
they replied and said “I’m here to help you my dear”
“remember that one night when you asked your heart what he thought was right?”
“but there was no answer so you went to sleep early that night”
I replied “ yes I do remember, who are you?
“And what do you want me to do”
He said “I’m your heart . I been trying to tell you whats right”
“But you always lose my sight “
At that moment I froze and didn’t know what to say
I didn’t know what to do I never felt this way
Once again I heard his voice saying” you haven’t taken care of me. You let people break me apart”
“remember I’m not just a heart I’m your heart”
“When you suffer I suffer when you cry I cry ”
“And when you die I will die”
I been part of you since you were born
Why do you always have to take me by that pretty rose that carries so many thorns
She’s beautiful but she makes me bleed
Can’t you see for happiness I’m in need
She makes me feel good but I don’t want to be hurt no more
Because when she walks away it feels that she closes her door
I know it hurts you to walk way
But it’ll hurt us more if we stay
If she really wanted us she would walk us in
Without us always having to begin
So I finally answer back and said “ your right and I’m sorry well leave tonight” but should we leave without saying goodbye?”
he said “ if she wanted us by her side she won’t let us leave”
all I want is for this pain to be relieve
I looked down and said” okay I promise I won’t let you be hurt no more”
His voices fade away saying “don’t worry because in me her name will be remember and store”..


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