When He Sent My Blessing Down

Anyone can see or feel when what seems like Luck makes it mark on your spirit
Your spirit, open and often impure, sad to say.
But mine, unlike most, remains humble
Because without that blessing, my mind and life would surely crumble
As the rain pours and I think I've beaten the pain, it all remains
For humans, it's never easy to remain sane.
Sane or no, his name will never come out in vain.
Because through my demise
The o'great and o'wise
Protected me from the evil in disguise
Like the rose that grew, someday I will grow weary.
Of this world that will never unfold, and release its hold, on these tainted, yet innocent souls.
Excuse my boldness
But the victims should hear this
We are not oppressed by race
It is the way we keep our form and the way I say what I say.
Through my conflict, he's always on time.
Because I'm
Til the end of time
Eternally grateful and I remain
Like a lion in the jungle

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