When flesh falls apart ...

1 Thessalonians 1:4 

We know, brothers and sisters loved by God, that He has chosen you,




“Oh Lord you are beautiful”… in my decaying eyes.

“You are the Perfection”… I sensed from the start.

“Life forever” giving … while my flesh falls apart

still I recognize it … deep in my heart.


“Gift of gifts” equals … this form of recognition.

Freely prepared in love … without any bounds

Is it not a wonder … that in this generation

this is not accepted … but ignored on any ground?


“Care about the living”... “Let the dead bury the dead”.

Who are the living … but the children of the day?

When is one considered dead … when life is over?

But then unless in Christ … every adult be that way?


Are we here to raise children ... is there an age limit to a child?

Are children only flesh and blood ... in Abe aren’t we as such?

Are we not all family … despite difference in appearance?

How for goodness sake can’t we … understand that much?


Possession is the answer … who does live in me?

Is it the One with Christ … Who forms a family called His own?

Or is it the one of the other side … who in darkness smiles

and packs in one the numerous … to make them his clones?


Are we just vessels … of temporal means?

Ready to be filled … by whosoever wants

Do we control than … whatever comes in?

Can we segregate it ... from the issues long forgone?


If we are chosen vessels … who does the choosing?

Is the election interwoven … somewhere in time?

Is it any wonder … that I thrive on confusion

until my heart gets opened … and realize I’m not mine?


Jan Wienen

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My community


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