When Everything was Awesome

I remember back when our cares were so worry free, 

And when any fear or sadness would just float past,

You and I would hurry by,

And make it to our favorite place,

We'd climb up to the hilltop,

Avoiding all the prickly brush,

Holding onto thick branches and brimming rocks, 

In order to keep our balance, in order to find stability,

The climb up was a lot more anticipating than the climb down,

Since the way back was always so light and airy,

But as our muscles tightened and our sweat began to break,

We finally reached the haven,

The haven where we'd sit and chat with our leg's dangling over,

And just watch,

Watch the people below,

Watch the bus wave by,

Watch the dogs play,

Watch the blossoming flowers thrive,

We'd talk about senseless things, 

The best kind there is,

And I remember so lovely how much we both cared.

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