When Did I Grow a Shell

Sat, 05/30/2015 - 16:03 -- k8carr

When did I grow a Shell

That closed off all the world

That allowed seclusion, quiet, solitary, and peace

What a blessing, contentment


When did I grow a Shell

That created alternate realities

People characterized in the absence of conversation

What a curse in disguise


When did I grow a Shell

That held in all my worry,

Reminded me of the nuisance my troubles inspire

What a prison I carried


When did I grow a Shell

Against those who might be friendly,

Isolated from scorn, judging and limiting kindness

What a deformed sanctuary


When did I grow a Shell

I can see it so clearly now

Containing peace in solitude

But excluding external forces

Biting down as the world crowds around

Seeing my trap longafter I've fallen

Reaching but hitting this hard Shell


Or perhaps the Shell is not like this,


 Perhaps I am simply a Hermit Crab.


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