When Diamonds See Light

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 15:08 -- pmyu22


United States
42° 13' 21.6444" N, 85° 54' 36.0324" W

In the meadow we played.
The wind picking up the lace trim on our white dresses
The sun kissing our faces.
You sang a sweet melody
I followed with the harmony.

I hovered so close over you
As if I got any further away
The air or maybe the ground would eat you.
You shifted, but never far from my shadow.

I never wanted you to live there.
I just needed the assurance of your presence
To feel the warmth of you
Under my wing.

But then you sprinted
Across the meadow and into the woods.
A place that only the birds explore.
You were a blur, you were gone.
So gone

I caught my breath as I felt your warmth leave me.
I ran and ran, my body glistening from the seat.
But I couldn't catch you.
I could not enter the eerie darkness that stood before me.
I turned around to the comforting hug of the meadow.

You were lost.
But then the faint silhouette of you
Appeared. Walking to the edge of the woods.
Your white dress gone. Clothes a little too torn,
too adult to be hanging from your body.

But it was you.
I helplessly ran at you
But the running never stopped
Because you now were a destination I couldn't reach.

My words, too weak,
fell at your feet.
I couldn't feel any warmth radiate from you anymore.
I thought I could convince you to come back
To the meadow.
We could play and sing.

You turned away, ever so slightly-
That gust of bitter cold wind
Toppled me over.
Like a hurricane destroying a decrepit shack.

Diamonds fall from your face.
They sparkle in the light that follows me.
But the light only touches your diamonds.
The only part of you I could ever see again.


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