When the clouds clear and

When the clouds clear and the curtains are drawn,

you get to witness the person that is truely beyond.

No glitz, no glamor, nor artificiality present

what you see is honestly-just me.


A positive outlook, a smiling face

I face it all, no matter the disgrace

although my mind is simple and I just a person

my heart is ever in the right place

and I hide behind no curtain-

I try and I try,

though not always succeeding

my hope and my determination is never fleeting

quite tame am I,

a dreamer if you will

I seek the stars, although far

I know that some day I will reach to were they are


I am covered by transparency

I do not wish to hide,

if you wish to know me, to unlock my heart

just point your light at me

and without a doubt the one you uncover through and through

will be me, and only me tried and true!


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