When Children Dress Their Dolls With Kevlar


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When children dress their dolls with Kevlar

When the just are accused of tyranny

When the circle is completed

We, my friends, are ready

While father makes bombs in the basement

Mother cooks scraps for her skeletons

Bones are used to bash in siblings

We, my friends, know destruction

Sucking our souls dry is a virus not of flesh

Our waters once ran deep and dark

Now we exist in a superficial drought

We, my friends, have become stark

It splits my skull with a jagged spike

And sews in a despairing boulder

Ragged stitches close my eyes

The world, my friends, set on our shoulders

A stroke I wish would take me

To cut the pain down the middle

Half this agony would bring a smile

Why, my friends, solve this sadistic riddle?

My soul is placed on the rack of helplessness

Stretched are my muscles from my spirit

Snapping back into place, yields awareness

I, my friends, no longer fear it

Two words will I utter to this world

“More weight,” press me till you crumble

You can never break my will

I, my friends, stand apart and will not stumble

Survival of the fittest is now your law

Bone dust will sting your eyes

As you rip the meat from your brother’s bodies

You, my friend, wear good as your disguise



Love this piece really strong images yet my favorite must be "Bone dust in your eyes as you rip the meat from your brother's bodies." really sinister and vivid. What inspired you to write this piece?



Stunningly well said.You are an incredible writer with such vivid imagery.


Inspirational. I like this piece a lot!


This is good poetic display, i like all lines, write more please




I really love the rythme of this piece. I hope you mind me using this as inspiration!


Unbelievably well-written. Thank you for sharing your gift

Doctor Jones

Wonderful. Probably the only featured poem I have loved on this website so far. 


I Dig this!!!

Jan Wienen

Beautiful Insight ... 


I love this. I don't know if you intentionally made a reference to the crucible but if you did. well done it fit in quite nicely with the piece(if purposeful). 


I love that you caught that 17bashurh! Thank you for saying so, I really loved the opportunity to reference such a great piece of literature.

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