When Black Lives Matter, ALL Live Matter!

Reality in a white dominated land is only a dream in the hands of anyone who isn't the white man. We're packaged and labeled in a factory, already given a destination while they live happily. We're dehumanized and stripped of our identities, while they have plenty of remedies, swimming in their white supremacy. Where is happiness and fortune for us in a corrupted universe? They plan our deaths; filling the tanks in our hearse. Systematic oppression fills me with aggression. My mind is full of thoughts like some obsession. I feel like I'm in a trance, not able to accept that I may never have a chance. You may think “what is the point of making a change ?”, but we can start a new chapter and turn another page. I'm through with being the minority and feeling like I'm worthless. We need to push for change, we need to rehearse this. This community is full of so much pent up aggression. The government should fear us, we're a powerful weapon. We have the ability to move mountains with our voices. Our choices could be a poison to oppose the forces. Things were so different. It's evident we've come far, but they hurt us leaving a bigger scar. I'm definitely not saying that violence is the answer. Peaceful actions can be a weapon too, it'll spread like cancer. Together we'll reach the top of the ladder. When Black lives mean something, All Lives Matter. America is supposed to be built on liberty and justice for all, then why are my brothers and sisters rotting behind prison walls? The way they taught society to perceive us it why they deceive us, because of fear alone they leave us. Trump talks about making America great again, but I remember pain and suffering for my people as the only plan. The system chews on us and spits us out in a splatter. Again, when Black loves mean something All Lives Matter! You may feel that your life is set in only one direction. Objection! You make your own section! Take that anger and pain and pull it out of you. Believe in what you know is true and create a new view. Don't give up yet, don't call it quits. Stand your ground, don't sit, this isn't it. We won't allow them cause our spirits to shatter. One again, when BLACK lives mean something ALL LIVES MATTER!

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My community
Our world


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