When all things go wrong, a place where you belong

the moon is like a mirror that reflects your emotions in the deepest parts of your soul,

you gaze towards the heavens and let your eyes wander, free-spirited,

yet you know somewhere deep inside that one day your feelings will burst into violent bloom.

implosion or explosion, you know not, but you know that when the day comes,

you will be lonely, cold, without a home

lying on the floor dead,

in a puddle,

of icy tears and blood,

that you only once called your own...


the sun, a mass of light that shines like a lamp into the bleakest parts of your heart,

you can’t gaze upon it, or the light becomes fleeting, so your eyes wander about it, afraid,

for you know somewhere deep inside that the darkness may come again to engulf you.

like a flood or a storm, you know not, but you will know that when that day comes,

when all light leaves, you are cold, you are blind,

lying on the floor, huddling close to your body,

crumpled like a paper ball,

in a puddle of warm memories,

as you rise,

and sit up to gaze upon the moon…


the stars are balls of gas that flashes in the night sky like that fragile hope of yours,

you can gaze upon it, because it does not hurt, to look a bit at it, with hope,

but you know ‘tis futile to wish for such an ideal dream that may never come true; when it does--

like light or darkness, you know not, but you know when that day comes,

things change, you are ever more free,

you have unraveled yourself,

in a dry crater that only you yourself had forged with tears, blood, memories, pieces of yourself,

as you take a step,

and walk towards eternity....


when you walk towards eternity

do not pause and look back on reality

gone are the dreams, aspirations, and naive expectations,

carry on.

do not fear, nor look down:

for there exists a kingdom, a paradise, a place where you belong.

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