what's your poison?

Larger, wine, port and spirits,
Porter, stout, dark mild, real ale and rum,
Cider - strong of course, whiskey with no ice in it,
Baileys, sherry, moonshine, however it comes,

I don't drink alcohol,
As it messes with my head,
But with all the suffering in the world,
With drink I'll cope maybe, or wish I was dead,

Really I don't drink at all,
Only sometimes socially,
But my wife just had a fall,
And that was such a shock for me.

I absolutely don't drink,
But this is an exception,
I have too much time to think,
I'm suffering living with my deception.

Drinking alcohol I've stopped you see,
With sincerity I promised,
Promoted by complaints from my family,
They still believe I'm honest.

Now my brain is damaged from the booze,
The MRI is showing,
It's shrunk from all the alcohol abuse,
Inside it the blood has stopped freely flowing.

For my justifications and exceptions my life is my wage,
Now my family can't forgive me for the lies I've been telling,
If only I hadn't of drank, then my life wouldn't be at this stage!!,
But I will win them back, if I keep the booze more secretly flowing.

This poem is about: 
My family


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