Whats wrong with me?

Fri, 01/18/2019 - 19:11 -- NiyaJ

Achy bones, 

Tears I cry.

I cried and cried I'm gonna die.

Die this way,

There is no cure for my pain,

Four new doctors,

They're all the same.

The X-rays are normal.

EMG too.

I ask myself what am I gonna do.

Ignoring it all every day,

Numbing myself from the pain that comes my way.

I see more doctors, put a smile on my face.

Tingling fingers remind me of its presence. 

Asking God why he gave me this cruel lesson.

No one relates so I deal with this alone.

Silently thinking at night in my home.

Unamused by this pain that lingers daily.

I Google things that will help save me.

Distractions help, yet only temporarily.

People unaware of how bad this is affecting me.

I laugh and I cry,

A young girl so sad, but filled with so much hope,

Hope that someone will find...

Whats wrong with me?

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