What's Seen Through My Eyes



Why should it matter if someone’s rich or poor?

If their clothes are silky or if their clothes are torn.

 Outside the human minds, reality is shown…

We all live in this nation as one.

For some, race means everything.

 Riches do too!

What’s not understood can’t be explained.

Hatred over powers the unequalness in society…

Unfairness and discrimination puts anger in one’s head.

Corruption is spread.

The words between the lines aren’t read.

They are not fighting for war; they are fighting for equality and respect.

The opposing sides are torn between the struggles they have to face;

the burdens they have to overcome.

My dream is now a nightmare.

No consideration for the bond we share.

Fighting one another every day;

Hoping the pain will go away.

What a difference we could make if we all worked together.

Promote healing and wholeness to make this life better.


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