What's The Point Of A Title?

Tue, 08/10/2021 - 22:37 -- Wired6

I'LL TREAT YOU 2 A CHINESE MEAL AFTERWARDS. YOU'RE DOING A GOOD JOB. She removes him out,letting some gush out, At which she proceeds 2 lick,with ease, Swizzeling the gravy in her mouth. Don't spit it out, I want you 2 savour the taste. Tell me if it taste salty? I'm your best customer? Right? Come on baybee swallow the gravy. No! No! No!.....…. No spitting it out You know the rules, Swallow the last drop. She swallows,as she's been told(figure it out.) He WILL insist on playing these games. Well, She's had enough. She doesn't feel comfortable anymore. He's pushing the boundaries,further then before. They're even sleeping with her best friends, And fucking outdoors. She's fed up of his demeaning words, 2 which he always denies. WHY? WHY? WHT? She knows he hates her. She hates her 2. She knows what she has 2 do. GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT! She knows she's better without........... Him and his member,in her mouth. With his filthy cum, Oozing out her mouth. And 2 swallow,she can really do without Do without without Without him Without him Without him Without him Can't do without him. Leave his gravy out. (She's secretly turned on.) She knows she needs to sort out the sores on her lips. He's sexually perverted, There's no doubt. None of it matters anyway. Like a drug, She can't do Without. (c)10/08/2021. Wired6.


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