What's my Purpose?

What’s the point?

everywhere I turn there’s pain, a storm, a natural disaster

without my reason, standing on my own seems impossible…

I’m shattered like a gem without my purpose...


At home I’m tied down with no way to escape.

not seeing you is hard enough I can’t have my sunshine leave…

you’re my strength, my reason why I keep fighting for my freedom.


Please, oh Sun of mine…

don’t leave me abandoned in the darkness…

while other beings may try to release me from afar it is no help.

they give me options I cannot accomplish

some beings scold me and tell me to just surrender...


Maybe surrendering can seem as such a choice. However, ...

How can I?


I need my Sun, for you are my energy, my happiness.

you a light the darkness and guide me out of the pain.


If you set oh Sun, what will become of me?

We’ve become one you and I

and I wish for it to stay that way.


Oh Sun... without you,

What shall be my purpose? For you see,

I have none…

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