What's My Purpose?

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 01:56 -- Dajon


August 11


Dajon Medlock


I am the Bic that sparks the sun

The push that spins the earth

The gain that makes rain

And the current that makes rivers run

I am the ether that holds the stars in the sky

I’m the M, the crooked letters hump backs

I am the I…..am

The slap on the butt that made your baby breathe

The secret of the garden

The root, trunk, branches and leaves

I am the cure for disease Aids, ignorance and cancer

The shovel that makes you dig for gold

Dig for peace

And dig even deeper answers

I am the truth that could not be uncovered

So I uncovered myself

I am her imagination

His mastered goals

I am knowledge of self

I am defeat that treaded the road seldom traveled

And never lost my soul

I am the light at the end of the tunnel


I am the black hole

The bartender that prevented the head on collision

The mystery in your history

Or so it is written

The dream of Martin

Malcolm’s fight

The shotgun of Ms Tubman

The hat of Dorothy Height

The license of Bessie that gave her flight

I am the black on the face

Before lips were painted white

I am what’s definite

And yet still I might

I am the last second shot of the greatest game of your life

I am the serenity you need

Every time you are nervous

I am the answer to the question when you ask

What’s my purpose?


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