What is Your Purpose?

Sat, 10/11/2014 - 19:34 -- itsclg

What is Your Purpose?


Purpose is a word that leaves people itching at their skin. It is the sole definition of one as a human being. I am here to teach others what wasn’t taught to me, I am an actress so my voice can be heard, or even I am a cop to protect. Whether we like it or not, purpose is the entire reason we are alive. At times, people forget their purpose, they lose track of their life and the reason their heart still beats. And thats a dark time.


My purpose for the world has yet to be uncovered. Maybe it is to be an actress, so girls who have dealt with depression and or suicidal thoughts like I once had in life, know they can overcome. If it is that such thing, my story will be told, loud and clear. My voice will ring through out crowds even if it is shaking. I will convey whatever message I can muster when I am on stage or camera. Maybe my purpose is to rid the world of body images and behaviors set for both men and women around the world. If my daughter believes she is a boy, then he is a boy, even if it more than a phase. If my best friend is in love with someone but can not have a legal marriage because some people find true love immoral, then I will fight for them as if it was my own marriage. Maybe I want my children to look at what the world considers a “plus sized model” and think, “Wow, she’s pretty” and not “Wow, she’s pretty for a girl of that size”. My purpose, I believe, is to be the voice for those shamed to silence. I will be the rebellion that most are taught to hate but soon love.



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