What You Never Told Me

What you never told me 

Was what you never said.

You were broken inside,

Inside you were dead.


You wanted to love me,

That one thing is true,

You want me to wait, but not forget

That I'm in love with you.


My smile is false, my soul is empty

Am I not good enough,

To hold your hand when it gets dark,

It seems you can't call my bluff.


I look at you, nowadays 

See my expressions on you

I see you smile in joy and pain

Exactly when I do.


You match me and I match you 

Forever, it's been true.

I smile and we share a private joke

But the feelings come back, 

Turns out I love you.


So what you never told me,

Now its all I hear

Every time you speak to me 

I hear you loud and clear.


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